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Next Year

With this year about done, and next year on the way, we're thankful for everything we did, everything we didn't and everything in between. We hope you are, as well.

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More on Social Gaming

Noted last week that we attended a conference where a speaker discussed their company's efforts in social gaming. An almost missed aside noted that the company was moving from Facebook, as it's primary platform, to mobile. We thought that might have something to do with Zynga, the space's 800 pound gorilla, having issues with growth, etc. Zynga has talked about also ...

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Facebook and Mobile Gaming

Heard a talk from a developer of a relatively successful Facebook game this week. The talk was all about the game the company had developed and its tremendous success. At the end of the talk, during Q&A, almost as a throwaway the presenter said that the company was pivoting and moving entirely into mobile. Kind of like talking about how delicious steak is, then all ...

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XMSN and Domain Names

So your company name is Transmission, but you use XMSN for a URL, what's up with that? XMSN is the official abbreviation of transmission. It's four letters, which is easier to explain/recall than five letters, six letters and on and on. We wanted something simple and easy to remember. While the .com extension, like so many millions of other URLs is being camped ...

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Mobile and Video

Nothing too big, but just a quick mention how mobile video has consistently worked well for us on ATT's network. Not very much buffering, and pretty clean delivery. That's nice as more clients present video for mobile consumption. As that trend grows, hopefully the networks can continue to support the demand.

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