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Apple News … (where’s the TV)?

No big surprise that Apple came out in their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT with the new iPhone being the cornerston. The surprise - sort of - was found in the detailing of their new watch. Not much was said about the watch, but it's Apple so it created plenty of buzz. What we were hoping for was something about television. Or whatever the medium reinvented by Apple might turn out ...

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WordPress Gets Better and Better

Not a real long post, but just the simple statement that WordPress just gets better and better. WordPress has become something that not many might have supposed it would when it launched as a blogging platform; it's now about as thorough a content management system (CMS), as you can find. One key thing about the CMS, and maybe its best aspect: it frees many ...

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality should come as a surprise to no one that follows technology. The system, as it where, has a fine, and mature role model to follow in cable/satellite television. Users pay for the signal to enter their homes, but on the operator side, the cable/sat company gets paid by networks to enter your home. Oddly, not many people seem to know this, but the ...

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