We Are Transmission.

Moving messages successfully through intelligent interactive marketing.

Our ability to determine where you are now and where you want to go, is what separates us from other companies. Determining how each transmission is crafted, where it’s going, and how effectively and efficiently its targeted is our primary focus as an interactive marketing agency.

Based in Las Vegas, NV, we call ourselves a conversion focused interactive agency because all of our conversations about how we can help start with how we can convert those unaware of your brand in those aware of your brand, converting those aware of you into those that do business with you, and finally converting those that do business with you into those that advocate for you.

Transmission accomplishes this through building strong, smart brands with messages delivered on websites, the creation of smart, compelling video that can be used on all mediums from broadcast television and social media sites to your website, clear and compelling copy writing that pairs readability with search engine optimization techniques, along with standard advertising initiatives. We wrap everything we do up with reporting and analytics that will show you – and your constituents – how well we’re both doing.

Our Team

Transmission was founded by individuals with years of demonstrated success in new media and marketing, gathered while working for some of the most significant brands in advertising, public relations and media. We work directly with clients, as well serve as a digital and content development partner for many leading agencies. Our collaborative efforts always result in work that exceeds client’s expectations.

Learning Through Doing

When Transmission was formed, it was also decided that the company would emulate a model of spending part of our time on independent pursuits. This time keeps the mind fresh and enables the company to learn about new technologies and consumer habits from an entirely different perspective than most agencies have.


Our expertise has helped advance the digital agendas of companies including Conde Nast, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (LVCVA), Nevada State Bank, Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, Sher Fertility Institutes, Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada, Treasure Island, Viacom, FedEx, Dow Chemical, HealthCare Partners of Nevada, State Bar of Nevada, R&R Partners, and many others.

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